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Individual counseling provides you with an opportunity to work with a specialist well-trained in understanding how people operate in the world, in their families, in relationships, and in their own minds. Counselors use therapeutic techniques to help individuals understand themselves, their problems, their feelings, and their relationships in a way that improves their lives. If change is needed, a therapist will guide you through the process by providing support, motivation, and accountability.

Issues that individual counseling can address are:

>> Anxiety Disorder
>> Depression / Bipolar Disorder
>> Stress Management
>> Relationship Problems
>> Grief and Loss
>> Eating Disorders
>> Addiction and Compulsive Behaviors
>> Trauma / Abuse
>> Food Issues and Body Image Concerns
>> LGBTQ Issues
>> Career Planning and Development
>> Self-esteem Development
>> Anger Management
>> Impulse Control Problems
>> Challenges of Parenthood: Single, Biological and Step
>> Intergenerational Family Conflicts
>> Sibling Conflicts
>> Life Stage Adjustment / Transitions
>> Emotional Maturity
>> Work-life Balance
>> Life Coaching

What do individual counseling sessions involve?

Sessions revolve around pragmatic approaches to strategically address and resolve issues clients bring to therapy. We help you identify problems, understand why past efforts at addressing these problems may have been ineffective and develop alternative solutions

Individual counseling sessions at Woodlands Counseling Center are conducted in a warm, understanding, calming atmosphere where you are free to discuss whatever is on your mind and weighing on your heart. 

We are excellent listeners, helpful resources, and skilled experts at helping people find peace and resolution to their life’s struggles.


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